40tech version 3I typed the title of this post with tongue firmly in cheek. I thought about going with “40Tech HD,” “40Tech 360,” and “40Tech 3.0” (this is the third iteration of the site), but went with “Reloaded” because, well, that was the first thing I typed. While the site redesign probably isn’t on the list of landmark events in your life, I am going to explain why I did it:

Easier Posting

Life is busier for me now. When I started the site in 2009, I had no kids. Now I have a 2 year-old running around. She’s at the age where I have more time than I did for the first part of her life, but I need to make things easy for me to get posts online. The old theme required a few different custom fields with every post, making it very hard to quickly get a story live. A post also looked like a train wreck if I didn’t assign thumbnail images and other images to it. There are no such problems with the new design – I can post from iPad, PC, or Mac, and I don’t have to worry as much about making each post pretty.

Cleaner Look

The second reason for the change to the site simply has to do with a change in my tastes. Perhaps because I’m an iOS user, I now prefer a simpler and cleaner look. The new site might not look as fancy as the old site, but I like the simple look and the use of white space. I was going for a clean, responsive design, and hope that I’ve achieved that. I took a currently available WordPress theme, Tempera, and modified it somewhat significantly to get the look that I wanted.

Post Formats

The final reason for the change is to switch to a design that supports “post formats” in WordPress. “Post formats” mean that a post can have a slightly different style, depending on whether it is a standard text post, a video post, an audio post, etc. One of these formats that I’ll be using is a “link post,” which is a post that links to content from another site, with a few amazingly insightful comments from me.


A Thank You, and an Apology

Thank you to Bobby Travis. 40Tech wouldn’t be where it is today without Bobby’s work, insights, and inspiration. Some of the most popular posts on the site were written by Bobby, and he is one of the most talented individuals that I know, in a variety of fields. The site logo is even based upon a logo design that he did for the last version of the site.

While the site has become more of my own tech sounding board lately, he is welcome any time that he wants to post content here, and he remains a good friend. Since his life is now crazy busy (I suspect that he’s secretly putting in place his plans for world domination), I needed the site to be set up in a way that would help me keep it going. That’s what you see now, although I anticipate more changes and improvements going forward.

Last but not least, I apologize to you, the readers of the site, to the extent that you noticed or cared about the lack of posts going back several months. Those of you with newborns and toddlers probably understand. My family will always come first, but I do have a bit more time now. While I won’t be posting as much as Bobby and I did in the site’s busiest time, my hope is that posts won’t trickle out as slowly as they did for the last several months.

There is still some tweaking for me to do, and I’m sure a number of bugs to squash. But first, off to write something.