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They don’t make movie theaters like they used to.

Wish list item for Apple Watch: If you only have iPhone on you, let the phone fill in gaps in watch’s activity stats when it next connects to the watch, and vice versa. Looks like they each do their own thing now, as best I can tell (2 separate step counts, for example)

Dear spammer: not the best way to get a response from me.


When you lug a monitor out of the closet to avoid using Windows. #maclife

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2rhZpAE

Curious how other micro.blog WordPress users are handling their RSS feeds. Posts that start in micro.blog show up in some RSS readers with “Untitled” as the title.

First time I’ve seen this iOS bug. One app icon superimposed over another in the dock. Tapping it opens the small icon app (not the one it should).

@manton Not sure of the proper place to report bugs, but when I delete a feed URL in my Account settings, it also wipes out my Twitter cross-posting. Don’t seem to be able to enable Twitter without having a feed.

So either Case Keenum or Nick Foles will be in the Super Bowl. Which is EXACTLY how I called it back in August. Except I had one of them going up against Bobby Brister.

Any ideas? When I post a linked post on my site (linked post= title links to original author’s post on other site), the post on micro.blog is text only, with no link. Weird Twitter formatting, too. A regular post works fine. See last post at 40tech.com. CC: @manton

I’m sure I’m missing good stuff, but Google’s tracking, etc now creeps me out enough that I see a product roundup review, and skip right past the Google stuff. Was fear of that sentiment part of reason for creation of Alphabet?