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Excited to sign up for Apple News+ so I can add to the backlog of 893 items in my free reading queue that I’ll never get to

TFW on the morning of a speaking engagement when you discover that a web app updated its main interface just a few days ago, apparently just after you had finished prepping in Keynote to cover that app. #thestruggleisreal

Is it weird that I’m not a programmer, yet I’m completely fascinated and obsessed with BBEdit right now?

If you’ve ever wanted to add HomeKit support to non-HomeKit devices, & you have a Synology, don’t be afraid to check out Homebridge using either the method @liss used, or the method I used → https://www.40tech.com/2019/01/21/bring-devices-into-homekit-with-your-synology/ Source: https://www.caseyliss.com/2019/1/21/docker

That feeling when you’re giving your dad Apple Watch instructions over the phone, and you slowly realize he’s been wearing it locked since you got it for him. 3 weeks ago. #Maverick #Trendsetter