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I can’t be the only one who thought he was listening to the Gilligan’s Island theme song in the background, and it turned out to be God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

Walked by an Apple Store and didn’t go in. Twice. #StrangeButTrue

If anyone is interested in it, I’m weaving a blanket from the lint I just cleaned out of my iPhone’s lightning port.

Not saying that’s a bad thing. I still like using iOS, but view it for what it is (for me) instead of basking in its relative newness, & the excitement that comes with it and with the greater frequency of changes and improvements to it. I’m often a sucker for that stuff.

I increasingly find myself wishing I were at my Mac, not because of shortcomings of the iPad, but because I get more delight out of macOS. I think that makes me an animal in tech circles. Took a few years, but the “newness” of the iPad has worn off for me so it is just a tool.