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When using a VPN, Google often asks you to select all street signs in several photos to prove you are human. This is really stressful. Do you select just the actual main part of the signs? Or the posts, too? I ended up selecting DuckDuckGo instead.

Me: Oh no, I have to rework an upcoming presentation on automation to mention Shortcuts.

Also me: Hey, cool, I get to install the iOS 12 beta to learn about Shortcuts!!

Secret tip to help you love your AirPods even more: lose them for 2 months, which will make you appreciate them all that much more when you find them. Not saying exactly how I know this.

For as much as we all like to complain about weather forecasting, that doesn’t seem to carry over to reviews of weather apps.

It’s like a ray of sunshine, or meeting a kindred spirit, when you run into someone else who is determined to format a Word document for (first-line only) tabbed paragraphs, and automatic numbers, in a legal pleading.