Omnifocus and final cut pro

I’ve recently gotten back into video editing, using Final Cut Pro X on my Mac. I was having a hard time keeping my workflow straight when I had several edits going on at once. Had I remembered to add a title? Had I rendered the Master File? Had I archived the library? Was it safe to delete the files? Over the past few weeks, I’ve been refining my workflow into an OmniFocus template that I use as a checklist when I edit video.

If you’re not familiar with templates in OmniFocus, they come thanks to a script, Templates.scrpt, created by Chris Suave. This script allows you to create pre-canned projects, with placeholders that you fill in for every new project. When you launch the script, it prompts you to fill in only the placeholders, and then the entire project is created.

The template I’ve created for video editing only uses one placeholder – the name of the project. Once you fill that out, and select a folder for the project, a project is then created in OmniFocus that contains all of the steps that I go through when editing video.

Please note that this template was created in OmniFocus 2, which is currently in public beta, with a release date recently moved up to May 22. I haven’t tested it in OmniFocus 1.

I’ve saved this as an OmniFocus document (in zip format) and as an HTML document, with the links below. If anyone knows of a better way to share an OmniFocus project so that you can more easily import it, let me know. For now, you’ll have to view the file, and reconstruct it. If you’re using the OmniFocus document, click on the project name in the grey sidebar (sidebar that is second from the left) to view the steps.

OmniFocus document (zip file) HTML document

I’m considering collecting other OmniFocus templates to share, so if you have any you’d like to contribute, get in touch with me via the contact page here at the site. Thanks!