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Category: Final Cut Pro X

Paste Settings From One Clip to Several in Final Cut Pro X

I’m not only an amateur with respect to video and video editing, but I’m still cutting my teeth on Final Cut Pro X. As a result, I’m not exactly the most efficient editor out there. In particular, until recently I was very inefficient when applying color correction and audio qualities to multiple clips. I would go through each clip, one by one, and apply those settings, even if the settings were identical from clip to clip. Last night, I stumbled upon a better way, which is how you seasoned editors have probably been doing it all along.

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OmniFocus Template for Final Cut Pro X

Omnifocus and final cut pro

I’ve recently gotten back into video editing, using Final Cut Pro X on my Mac. I was having a hard time keeping my workflow straight when I had several edits going on at once. Had I remembered to add a title? Had I rendered the Master File? Had I archived the library? Was it safe to delete the files? Over the past few weeks, I’ve been refining my workflow into an OmniFocus template that I use as a checklist when I edit video.

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