I’m not only an amateur with respect to video and video editing, but I’m still cutting my teeth on Final Cut Pro X. As a result, I’m not exactly the most efficient editor out there. In particular, until recently I was very inefficient when applying color correction and audio qualities to multiple clips. I would go through each clip, one by one, and apply those settings, even if the settings were identical from clip to clip. Last night, I stumbled upon a better way, which is how you seasoned editors have probably been doing it all along.

If there’s a setting (such as color saturation) that you want to copy from one clip in your timeline to another clip or clips in your timeline, copy the clip (select it, and then either hit -C on your keyboard, or select Edit > Copy in the menu). Then select the clips to which you want to apply the settings, and select Edit > Paste Attributes.

FCPX Paste Attributes


A window will then appear, asking you to select the attributes that you want to paste into the clip or clips. The screenshot below will give you an idea as to what settings you can paste into clips.

Paste Attributes selector

I’ve used this so far to copy volume settings, where several clips had the same level of reduced volume, and also to copy color saturation settings to multiple clips at once. It has really sped up my workflow.