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Slim Down 40Tech’s RSS Feed

A couple of weeks ago, I made the decision to use micro.blog to keep all my Twitter-like posts here at 40Tech.com. That post explained my reasoning behind it. The side effect for RSS subscribers is your feed got a bit busier with short “micro” posts, and you may have some posts in your feed that are “Untitled.”

If you want to exclude these microblog-style posts from your feed, you can do so by using this feed link:

40Tech RSS Feed Exluding Microblog Posts

You can continue to get all posts at the normal RSS feed link.

Untitled Posts at 40Tech

Some of you reading 40Tech in an RSS reader might see some posts with “Untitled” or something similar as the title of some posts. This isn’t a case of me forgetting to add a title to some posts, but is what happens when I post a microblog item, which by definition doesn’t have a title. Some RSS readers handle this well. Others don’t.

I initially worked on some RSS hacks to try to replace “Untitled” with something else, such as placeholder text or a snippet of the body of the post. But I’ve been persuaded by a couple of posts I’ve seen elsewhere online.

Dave Winer, from Scripting News:

An idea, they could do what Frank asked me to do, show the first few words from the post in the list view. And nothing in the right view. These items have no titles for artistic reasons. The author did not put them there. You, as a software developer, are not entitled to add them (haha that’s a pun).

And Manton Reece, the creator of micro.blog:

I agree with Dave on this. Titles are clearly optional in the RSS 2.0 spec. The fix for the “Untitled” text that some feed readers use isn’t for authors to add titles where they aren’t needed, it’s for the UI in feed readers to improve so that they gracefully handle title-less posts.

So if you are seeing “Untitled” in your feed reader, it is in part due to how your feed reader handles titleless posts. For now I’m going to see how this develops.

Linked Posts on 40Tech

I’ve made some subtle changes to the site, all involving linked posts. A linked post is a post where I’m primarily commenting on content that I’ve seen on another site. I’ve always linked to those posts when commenting on them, but not as prominently as I would have liked.

I’ve wanted to configure the post title of linked posts so clicking the title takes you to the post on the other site, but that was beyond my coding ability. You can see this done on other sites, like 512 Pixels and Daring Fireball.

Through force of will, and use of the Daring Fireball-style Linked List Plugin, I now have this working here at 40Tech. If you’re on the home page of the site right now, you can see an example of this in the post directly below this one. The arrow symbol (→) at the end of a title signifies that if you click on the post title, you’ll be taken to the original post at another site. The link or infinity symbol (∞) at the end of those posts on the home page is the 40Tech permalink for the post, and will take you to the post here on 40Tech. If there’s no arrow at the end of a title, clicking the link will keep you here at 40Tech.

I hope this isn’t too confusing. It is the standard, if there is one, around the web as seen on several sites. It also throws light back on the original writer’s post, as it should.

40Tech 4.0

Almost two years ago, I changed the look of this site, and announced it with a long post and explanation. It’s now time for another change. This one was brought about for a simple reason – the old theme was occasionally mangling photos. For a reason I could never figure out, images on the site were occasionally distorted, to the point where they were sometimes microscopic, and sometimes huge.

The site as you see it now takes care of that (I think). I happen to like the look, too. It’s a simple one column theme, like the last one. I’m been on a simplicity kick the last couple of years, and this theme scratches that itch. The theme is also completely responsive, so no more mobile view plugins to make it look right on mobile devices.

The theme is by Anders Norén, with some modifications by me. More tweaking is on the way.

Welcome to 40Tech Reloaded

40tech version 3I typed the title of this post with tongue firmly in cheek. I thought about going with “40Tech HD,” “40Tech 360,” and “40Tech 3.0” (this is the third iteration of the site), but went with “Reloaded” because, well, that was the first thing I typed. While the site redesign probably isn’t on the list of landmark events in your life, I am going to explain why I did it:

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Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to those advertisers and sponsors who support 40Tech, and keep the lights on, and keep me motivated. This month the thanks go out to Giztopia, which is running a 4 week ad for its gadget recycling and buyback service. If you’re looking to unload a gadget, check them out.

Who Are You, Anyway? An Updated Look at Our Reader Demographics


At the end of 2010, I took a look at this site’s demographics. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten to know some of you quite well, but my look through the site stats was a bit more impersonal back then, since none of the data is tied to any particular person. I simply was curious about where the 40Tech readers lived, what browsers they used, and other similar data. More than a year and a half later, I thought it would be interesting to see how things have changed.

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The 2011 App of the Year

Lastpass app of the year

LastPass is the 40Tech community’s choice for 2011 App of the Year. After almost a week of voting, LastPass outdistanced the second place finisher, Springpad, by over 250 votes. If we had voted ourselves, LastPass would have merited strong consideration. As a convenient and secure password manager, it is one of a handful of apps that the 40Tech team uses on a daily basis. One of the earliest posts we wrote, and still one of our most popular, was a comparison between LastPass, KeePass, and eWallet, with LastPass coming out on top as our favorite password manager. LastPass fared just as well when we put it through the paces against 1Password. Do you use LastPass? Read more

Happy New Year — and Some Sweet Star Wars Awesome!

Happy New Year -- and Some Sweet Star Wars Awesome! | 40Tech

Bye bye 2011. We hope everyone had a great and safe night last night, and we wish you all a fantastic and prosperous 2012 — filled with happiness, good times, and 366 (Leap Year) days of awesome geekery.

To start you off, look below for some sweet geekiness. They’re not tech… but they’re definitely tech-inspired and will get you close to your nerdy heart!

Star Wars Cookie Cutters, Sandwich Cutters, and Pancake Molds from Williams-Sonoma!

image  image  image

image  image  image

They’ve got some Spider-man comic book and Marvel super hero cookie cutters, too!

Have a super-geeky 2012 everybody! 

The 10 Most Popular 40Tech Stories of 2011

Top 10 by Sam Churchill

It’s that time of the year where you see lists everywhere you turn. Now it’s our turn, as we present you with our list of the top 10 most popular 40Tech articles of 2011. These are articles that were posted in 2011, so popular older articles, like our look at Evernote as a GTD tool, weren’t considered. We measured “popularity” by the number of page views a story tallied during the year. Read on for the results.

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