My foray into is a work in progress. is a service that allows you to publish Twitter-like updates to your own site, but also have them appear in a familiar timeline interface at The idea is that you can own your content.

Since first going live with, all my posts have resided on the front page of 40Tech and in the main RSS feed, as well as at To help those who didn’t want to see those posts in their feed, I set up a feed to let you exclude those posts.

It’s time for some more tweaking. I realized I was refraining from posting to because I didn’t want more trivial items to show up on the main page at 40Tech and in the main RSS feed. To remove that friction, I’ve removed the posts from the home page at 40Tech, and from the RSS feed. You can still see all the costs in their own section of the site. They also have their own RSS feed. Those who want to get all the content from 40Tech should subscribe to both the main feed and the feed. If you’re on, you can also follow me there. Of course, you can still follow me on Twitter.