I understand why some sites need to truncate their RSS feeds. If you’re not visiting the full site, you’re not experiencing the site as the site owner intended, and the site may be losing out on revenue from display ads. Regardless of the reasons, truncated feeds are inefficient for the reader. With Mr. Reader, an iPad RSS Reader, there is a workaround of sorts.

When you encounter a truncated feed in Mr. Reader, the app gives you the option of viewing it a few different ways. The choices include viewing the web page from where it came, or viewing it via a few mobile services, like Instapaper and Pocket. A tweet from Chris Cooper recently made me take notice of the lock icon at the stop of the screen, that is visible when using one of these other views. If you click on the lock, the current view will become the default view for that feed. If you use one of these other views as the default view, you’ll never see the truncated version of the feed.