Byword optionsByword has long been one of my favorite text editors on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I like it for its simplicity, its effortless sync between Mac and iOS, and its Markdown support. (For a short primer on Markdown and its virtues, check down my earlier post on it.) Byword has recently become even more useful, adding support for direct publishing to Evernote, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, and Scriptogram.

I could see myself using Byword for quick one-off posts – like this one. For more intensive posts, I’ll still be using MarsEdit. As best that I can tell, Byword doesn’t support image uploads. I had to insert the image below via the WordPress backend. But if your needs are simple, Byword could do the trick.

Byword publishing options to Evernote WordPress



What’s your favorite text editor?

UPDATE: I left out an important part. The publishing option comes via an in-app purchase, that currently runs $4.99. If you want it on both your Mac and iOS devices, you’ll need a separate purchase for Mac and iOS.