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Are You in Line For Mailbox? [iPhone]

If you follow tech news, it’s been hard to miss mention of Mailbox. Mailbox, as described in some glowing reviews, looks to be a new way to handle email, with a focus on Gmail. The general concept behind Mailbox is to help you get to inbox zero by letting you perform full and half swipes to the left and right to archive, delete, and defer messages. The current problem with Mailbox? There’s a long line to get it.

Although Mailbox is focused on Gmail, your mail does go through the Mailbox servers in order to be able to be processed by the app (you can decide for yourself whether you’re comfortable with the security implications of this). As a result, the developers wanted to make sure that they didn’t overload the servers, and have gone with a staggered rollout, using an invitation system. Open the app before your turn comes, and you’ll see something like this:


Cult of Mac has a story with some calculations to help give you an idea of when you might get in, based on your place in line. If the developers are right, these calculations will be a worst-case scenario, as the developers have indicated that they plan an exponential rollout as time goes by.

Are you in line for Mailbox? Or is this all a lot of hype and little substance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Or maybe you already have it? If so, let us know what you think.