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How to Find a List of Commands That Siri Can Perform

If you haven’t noticed, I switched to an iPhone recently, after a couple of years with an Android device. (I recently promised a post explaining my reasons for switching, but just realized that I’ve already written it). The posts here tend to be about my experiences, which is why you’ve seen some iPhone-related posts lately.

Siri is one feature of iOS that has received some knocks, but that I’m finding to be quite useful. I love being able to say, “remind me when I get to work to return John Doe’s call,” and have that reminder pop up as I arrive at the office. That set me off in search of other Siri commands.

The most handy way to get a list of Siri commands is to start Siri (hold down the home key on your iPhone), and press the information button (the “i” key). You’ll be presented with a list of sample commands, like this:

Siri commands

If you want to see something more exhaustive, OS X Daily recently posted a story that contained several Siri examples. Head on over there to check it out. A few of my favorites include emailing and texting people using Siri, as that comes in very handy via the Bluetooth in my car when sitting still in traffic backlogs, and telling Siri to play me music by a certain artist.

Siri works well for me. How does it work for you? What are your favorite Siri commands?