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Are the Days of Remote Access Software Numbered?

cloud killing remote access software

Are we approaching the day where remote access software will be meeting its grim reaper – the cloud?  A few months ago, we compared LogMeIn and Teamviewer, two popular choices for accessing your PC when away from home or the office.  How often do you need to access your PC remotely, though?  Futurelawyer discussed this recently, pointing out that we now live in a cloud-based world, where we let third parties manage our data.

That got me to thinking about my usage of remote access software.  While I’ve never been a heavy user, there once was a time where I would connect to my home PC about once a week, often to retrieve a file.  Aside from playing with different remote access options, though, I can’t remember the last time I connected remotely.  Thanks to my comprehensive backup solution, my documents get synced to Google Docs, and my files are backed up online to Carbonite.  I can always reach them.  Both my work and personal email are accessible via web apps.

Some people worry about the security and reliability of their information in the cloud.  We’ve previously addressed these concerns as well.  The bottom line – if you use a service that makes sure that you have local copies, your information will always be available to you.  And, no offense, but if you’re not dedicated to keeping your system secure, your data is more secure in the hands of many online services than it is on your PC.

How has your usage of remote access tools changed over time?

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