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How to Let Guests Connect to Your Wi-Fi Network Using a QR Code (Without Sharing Your Password) →

Khamosh Pathak writing for iPhone Hacks:

iOS 11 comes with QR scanning feature built-in. So all they’d have to do is point their iPhone camera to the QR Code, tap on the notification, confirm and they’ll be connected.

I know my weekend project. Hit up the full article at iPhone Hacks for instructions.

Apple Kills Off Several MacOS Server Features

It sure sounds like macOS Server isn’t long for this world. Apple has announced a number of services that are being removed from Server, including Calendar, Contacts, DHCP, DNS, Mail, Messages, NetInstall, VPN, Websites, and Wiki. In addition, FTP support and iOS File Sharing support were removed from Server back in September.

In the age of NAS devices like Synology that offer easy setup of many of these services, I understand why Apple is doing this. Still, there are bound to be many Server fans upset over the loss of features from a product that had a devoted following.

Apple has moved some Server features into High Sierra, making them available to all users. These include the Caching Service, which let users save bandwidth by having a Mac cache iCloud data, app updates, and more, for use by other devices on the network. File Sharing has also been moved to High Sierra, and Time Machine backups can be made using SMB backups built into High Sierra.

If you want to take a look at all the features that previously were in Server, the OS X Server features page is still online.

How to Use Your Mac to Easily Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel [Link]

WiFi Scan

My wireless network can be flaky at times, probably thanks to interference from other networks and devices. If you have an unreliable wireless connection, it could be because you’re not on the optimal wireless channel for your router and environment. Did you know that your Mac has a built-in tool to find the best wireless channel? The trick involves using the Wireless Diagnostics Utilities app that comes with your Mac.

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Find the Best Channel for Your WiFi Network With WiFi Stumbler

WiFi signal

I’ve recently started having issues with my WiFi network, such as dropouts and slowness. One of the first steps I’ve taken to address the problem is to try to determine if I’m getting interference from other networks. To see nearby networks, and what channels they’re using, I’ve found WiFi Stumbler to be valuable.

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Use a Linksys Router? You’ve Got Security Problems

Burglar breaking in

One of the bigger security-related stories over the past week concerns a vulnerability in WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). WPS is designed to be an easy way for inexperienced users to set up a secure network, using methods such as inputing a PIN from your router into your computer or other device. The problem is that the PIN, which is 8 digits long, is susceptible to brute force attacks. In fact, a free tool named Reaver can crack that PIN in just a few hours. This vulnerability exists regardless of the kind of security you’re using on your network, so even WPA2 is at risk. This means that the kid next door could get Reaver running, go off and watch a movie, and a few hours later he is in your network. The solution? Turn off WPS. Unfortunately, you can’t do this with modern Linksys routers.

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