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Bobby Travis

Two Free Android Apps to Control Your Computer Windows, Mac, Linux | 40Tech

If you have an Android device and want to use it to control your desktop’s (or laptop’s) mouse and keyboard, two of your best free options are RemoteDroid and Gmote.

RemoteDroid is a minimalist’s dream — nothing fancy to its wireframe trackpad/button look — and is a little light on the feature side of things, but it is a great way to control a presentation or media PC. It also handles multitouch gestures, such as the two-fingered scrolling option of multitouch trackpads.

Gmote does a little bit more than RemoteDroid, such as allowing you to serve media content from your PC to your Android device. No multitouch trackpad support here, and there are some media playback issues when streaming, but playback to devices is still a beta feature, and the developer seems to be active with updates.

Both of these remote control apps require you to download a server program to your Windows, Mac or Linux machine, and both are available for free. If you need a way to generally control your desktop or laptop remotely, or want a convenient media centre remote control, then give these two a try.

Have you tried any alternative remote control apps for Android? How do they stack up?

RemoteDroid vs Gmote: Remote Control Your PC with Android []