child using ipad as content consumption device

A couple of days ago, we looked at five awesome iPad apps for consuming content.  Since content consumption is where the iPad really shines, a list of five apps doesn’t do the iPad justice.  So, here are five more great content consumption apps to liven up your iPad.

Photo by Cole Camplese.


Flipboard for the iPad screenshot 1 Flipboard for the iPad screenshot 2

Flipboard is an app that you really have to see to appreciate.  Flipboard presents various websites and social media content in a slick, magazine-style format.  Think of it as a magazine that you program.  You can configure Flipboard to display up to nine sources, although two of those sources are reserved for stories that are linked to in your Facebook stream and your Twitter feed.  You can also choose from a long list of websites in a variety of fields, such as tech and photography.

Flipboard also ties into your Twitter account, allowing you to view a list of tweets associated with the content that you’re viewing, and to add a tweet yourself.  You can also use Facebook’s “Like” functionality, right from within the app.

Again, though – you really need to see Flipboard to appreciate it.  Although it is a promo video, this video on YouTube shows how it works:

Flipboard is free in the App Store.


Discover for iPad screenshot 2 Discover for iPad screenshot 1

Much like Flipboard puts a pretty face on other news sources, Discover ties into Wikipedia and puts a pretty face on it.  Every day, you can open up Discover to see another Wikipedia entry as the cover story, along with a photo of the day.  Swiping left or right moves you through an entry, swiping up brings up your history, and swiping down brings up a search box where you can search Wikipedia for other content.  For fact gathering, an app like Wikipanion might be a more functional choice, but Discover is a great app for exploring, and learning about new stuff.  Discover is free in the App Store.

Air Video

Air Video screenshot 1 Air Video screenshot 2

If you have videos on your computer that you want to watch on your iPad, Air Video is the app for you.  Air Video requires you to run the Air Video server on your computer.  Within the server app, you select folders to monitor, and then any video in that folder can be selected and watched from the Air Video app on your iPad.  The video is streamed, and will be transcoded to an iPad compatible format on the fly (after a brief wait). There’s also a “convert” option, which will make an iPad compatible copy of the video, and place it into a preset folder on your PC.  That will allow you to watch the video in the future without waiting for it to transcode.  You can use Air Video at higher quality over WiFi if your iPad and the server are on the same network.  You also can connect remotely to your network via 3G or someone else’s WiFi.  Air Video is $2.99 in the App Store, and there is a free version that limits the number of videos displayed in each folder.

ABC Player

ABC Player for iPad screenshot 1 ABC Player for iPad screenshot 2

Are you a fan of shows such as Lost or Modern Family?  If so, grab the ABC Player app, which allows you to stream ABC’s shows to your iPad.  The app appears to offer all of ABC’s current shows, and the video quality is top notch.  The app allows streaming over WiFi and 3G, with the WiFi quality being better, of course.  The app is free in the App Store.


TWiTpad screenshot 1 TWiTpad screenshot 2

We’ve previously written about our love of the TWiT network, so it’s only natural that the TWiTpad app made our list.  TWiT stands for This Week in Tech, and is Leo Laporte’s podcast network.  Calling it a podcast network does TWiT a disservice, though, as the network streams live video of its shows at  The TWiTPad app provides the current TWiT video stream, and provides a window to the TWiT chat room.  It also displays the TWiT schedule.  The video stream starts in a small window, but can be maximized to fill the screen.  TWiTPad is 99 cents in the App Store.

What apps did we miss?  Tell us your favorites in the comments.