The TWiT Network

twit On occasion, this site will take a look at tech and tech-related content that I think is worth a look if you’re not already familiar with it.  I’ll call it “Tech Worth Trying.”  The first such item is not a piece of tech itself, but is a group of podcasts about technology.  Podcasts (more correctly called Netcasts) are a great way to get tech entertainment and information, as you can control when you listen, and there is a broader spectrum of content in podcasts than you’ll find on the radio.

Of the podcasts to which I subscribe, the majority of them come from the TWiT network.  TWiT can be described as a netcast (i.e., podcast) network, but there is more to it than that.  TWiT is the creation of Leo Laporte, who I’ve heard referred to as the patron saint of technology.  Fans of the now-defunct TechTV will remember Leo as the creator and co-host of the Screen Savers and also Call for Help, and Leo has been doing tech broadcasting for just short of 20 years.

The TWiT site lists several shows, although I currently listen to three regularly, and a few others on an occasional basis.  Each week I listen to This Week in Tech and [email protected], and to both episode of The Tech Guy.  The Tech Guy is actually a twice-a-week radio show, consisting mostly of user calls, that is later available as a podcast with the commercials removed.  This Week in Tech was the original netcast of the TWiT network, and involves a panel of guests that changes from week to week.  The members of the panel discuss and debate the latest technology news.  In [email protected], Leo and co-host Amber MacArthur discuss the internet, and typically have a  guest each week who participates via Skype.  Sarah Lane, another TechTV veteran, also appears each week to share a web find.

There are other shows as well, as listed on the website, including shows about Windows, Mac, open source, security, biotech, and even junk food.  The network also has a web site that streams much of the content via live video, and there are a few additional shows that only appear via the video feed. The TWiT netcasts may or may not be your thing.  The shows range from the far-ranging Tech Guy podcasts, which include all types of calls, to the geeky speciality shows on open source and security.  It really comes down to how you like to get your information.  I like being able to listen on my own terms.  I typically listen in the car, and when getting ready for work in the morning.

Do you listen to any of the TWiT podcasts?  How about other podcasts?