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Niche Tip: How to Fix the Disqus and OpenID Problem on Your WordPress Blog

disqusimg2 I suppose that the recommended way to drive traffic to a blog would be to write posts that appeal to the greatest number of your readers.  Every now and then, though, I find a solution to a problem that drives me so crazy that I will want to write about it, even if it only helps a few people.  If it saves them the aggravation that it caused me, it is worth it.  To highlight that a post won’t appeal to everyone, I’ll call these posts "niche tips."  The first niche tip for this blog covers a problem I ran into integrating Disqus with a self-hosted WordPress site.

Disqus was one of the first pieces of functionality I installed on this site.  Disqus is a powerful comment system that allows users to track conversations across the web, and integrates with services such as FriendFeed and Plaxo.  When you first create an account at, Disqus gives you the option to sign in with an already existing account from Google, Yahoo, OpenID, Facebook Connect, and elsewhere. Great, right?  Not so fast.  The problem comes when you try to install the WordPress plugin for Disqus on your own site.  When you do so, you are required to enter your Disqus username and password on the plugin settings page.   Unfortunately, you don’t HAVE a Disqus password if you created your Disqus account using your account for OpenID, Google, or elsewhere, as you will have used those credentials instead.  You therefore have no way to set up the plugin, or so it seems.  This is a fixable problem.  Here’s how: 1)  Log into using your previously created account (the one you made with OpenID, Google, etc.) 2) Click on the "Account" link. 3)  In the "Change password" section about half way down the screen, leave the "old password" box blank. 4) Just below that, enter a password of your choosing in the "new password" box. 5) Click on "Save" Presto, you now have a password you can use over on your WordPress site when configuring the Disqus plugin.  Yes, it is simple, but I wish I had known this when I started.  I hope it helps someone.