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OpenAppMkt May Solve Apple App Store Woes

OpenAppMkt May Solve Apple App Store Woes | 40Tech

Everybody knows that the folks over at Apple are flighty, at best, when it comes to what is allowed or rejected from their App Store. They have their, reasons, of course, but those reasons are often unclear to the public, or even to the developers of iPhone and iPad apps. Apple's rejection of, or sudden pulling or neutering of apps has been the subject of much contention and even a few blog posts here at 40Tech. There may be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, though, with OpenAppMkt.

OpenAppMkt embraces the Web App. Web applications have been the only way for many of the rejected iDevice apps (such as Google Voice) to get around Apple's proprietary measures. The advent and rise of HTML 5 has gone a long way to making web apps more robust and bring them closer to the power of a native iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad app. OpenAppMkt, a web app itself, provides a slick and familiar App Store like experience, complete with categories, screenshots, reviews, Top Apps, featured apps, and more.

Top Apps on OpenAppMkt for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Featured Apps on OpenAppMkt for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Screens, Reviews on OpenAppMkt for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

As pointed out on Technologizer, the list of apps in OpenAppMkt is still somewhat small, and there is a much larger list over at — but OpenAppMkt provides an easy to use, iPhone optimized, interface. All app shortcuts are installed to your springboard, to open in Safari in full screen, with no navigation bars. The apps even run in what appears to be a separate instance of Safari, making them seem that much closer to native.

Hopefully, OpenAppMkt will add many more apps soon — and hopefully web apps for iDevices will improve quickly, as there are still some obvious lacks in comparison to most native apps, and HTML 5 has proven to be a bit of a beast on iDevices older than a 3GS.

Have you tried OpenAppMkt? What do you think of it as the future for web apps on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch?

OpenAppMkt [via Technologizer]

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