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This is a post by Bobby Travis, who wrote with me at 40Tech from 2009 through 2012. Bobby has since moved on to bigger and better things, but I've left all of his great contributions up on the site. - Evan
Bobby Travis

Twitter Application for Windows Mobile | TouchTwit Windows Mobile is not known for being either pretty or exceptionally user friendly, and the apps have been repeatedly put to shame by iPhone and Android software. WinMo users were waiting with baited breath for the launch of the Windows Mobile applications store (Skymarket), but initial offerings were largely disappointing and often grossly overpriced. Hope springs eternal, however, and TouchTwit, the newest Twitter app on the block for Windows Mobile, leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

There are several Twitter apps for Windows Mobile, some of which we covered here, but the one that generally won out with WinMo Twitter users was PocketTwit. PocketTwit is incredibly powerful and very easy to use, incorporating finger friendly swipes and multiple menu options into a very decent user experience, overall. Like any software, there are hiccups, but the functionality and and the whopping -free- price point, are hard to turn away from. It’s even prettier than many Windows Mobile applications — though it is still somewhat unfortunate to look at. A few software developers have made attempts at nicer looking clients, such as Twikini and moTweets (both of which maintain a pretty decent featureset), but for visual appeal, ease of use and features, combined, TouchTwit blows them out of the water.

TouchTwitTouchTwit Mentions & Messages PocketTwit Twikini moTweets

The interface of TouchTwit is easy on the eyes and follows the same graphic design principles as the best iPhone apps. TouchTwit’s navigation is extremely finger and thumb friendly and getting to the screens you want is as easy as a few swipes. It supports multiple accounts, retweets, Twitter Trends, photo and video recording and uploading, URL shortening, conversation view for a threaded "chat"-like experience, GPS location, and much, much more. According to the developers, support for Twitter Lists and the new Twitter-developed retweet system will be added soon.


TouchTwit is available only in the Windows Marketplace for Mobile and costs (at least in Canada) $6.09 plus tax. It’s still hard to argue with the free of PocketTwit, and both moTweets and Twikini cost a few dollars less than TouchTwit, but TouchTwit more than makes up the difference with a superior overall user experience.

What Twitter app do you like best for Windows Mobile? Have you tried TouchTwit? What’s your experience been like?