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My Phone Dilemma: I’m Ready for a Change and I Want Your Opinion

image Well, that time is finally here. My 3 Year (bloody) Contract with Bell Mobility (one of the Big 3 rip-off artist/cell phone & communications companies on the northern half of the North American continent) has less than a year left and I’ve been presented with a $100 hardware upgrade and about $300 in data credits. The data credits can be applied to the hardware too, leaving me with a substantial discount on any phone I would like to get. So the question is… which one? Bell is finally carrying the iPhone 3GS and has some older Android phones, as well as some Blackberries and newer-model Windows Mobile phones like the Samsung Omnia II. Currently, as some of you may recall from previous posts, I’m rocking the marvellous workhorse of the Windows Mobile world, the HTC Touch. Love the little beast, but it’s got to go. Time to pave the way for something faster and smoother and generally better than Windows Mobile has been able to offer me. I’d love your help! I am so torn at the moment, that I have been ripping at what little hair is left on my head trying to decide.

Save my scalp! Help me save myself from patchiness! Read on and then throw your opinions at me in the comments (and don’t be afraid to have fun with it)!


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TouchTwit Brings Pretty AND Functional to Windows Mobile

Twitter Application for Windows Mobile | TouchTwit Windows Mobile is not known for being either pretty or exceptionally user friendly, and the apps have been repeatedly put to shame by iPhone and Android software. WinMo users were waiting with baited breath for the launch of the Windows Mobile applications store (Skymarket), but initial offerings were largely disappointing and often grossly overpriced. Hope springs eternal, however, and TouchTwit, the newest Twitter app on the block for Windows Mobile, leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Push Gmail for iPhone and Windows Mobile: Not Pushy Enough

sync A few weeks back, Google unveiled the long-awaited push Gmail for iPhone and Windows Mobile. Push Gmail is part of the Google Sync package, which is still in Beta and previously offered only Google Calendar sync and Google Contacts sync. The calendar and contacts features have been working fairly flawlessly for some time now, aside from the inability to support multiple calendars and a few hiccups with the sync connection on some phones. Gmail push, unfortunately, has proven to be somewhat imperfect.

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Skymarket THIS Windows Marketplace for Mobile!

Screaming kid destroys Windows Marketplace for Mobile, Skymarket | 40tech


You may think from the title that I am a bit less than enthused with Skymarket, the new Windows Marketplace for Mobile app store. You wouldn’t be wrong, either. This may come as something of a surprise to some of you, considering how much I have obviously been looking forward to the release of Skymarket, but my bitterness, and thus bitter message, is a direct result of keen disappointment. 


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Be a (HTC) Hero — Android-ilize your Windows Mobile Phone with PointSense

PointSense Suite V2 by BlueOcean | HTC Sense UI clone HTC has been knocking the socks off of the Windows Mobile universe for a while now with increasingly beautiful and functional UI (user interface) designs for their Windows Mobile phones. Now they have done it again with the release of the HTC Hero and the very spiffy Sense UI design. The only problem is, the Hero is an Android phone, and Sense UI (for the moment) is only on Android as well. Not to be out-modded, the Windows Mobile user-developer communities dove in headfirst in various attempts to clone, or at least nearly match, the Sense interface. Of the many themes and mods that surfaced, the PointSense Suite, built on the very slick and finger-friendly Pointui Home 2 interface, stands out as one of the best.

Video, screenshots and installation tips below.

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