DEVONthink-To-Go-sync-settings New-document-assistant

I’m a heavy user of DEVONthink, and one of the few who seems to really like the DEVONthink iOS app, DEVONthink To Go. I was pretty happy to see today’s news that the developer of DEVONthink has started a Beta test of version 2 of DEVONthink To Go, which includes new sync technology that will also be used on the Mac app. Some highlights:

  • DEVONthink to Go 2.0 will let you move, duplicate, replicate, or delete documents as well as tag, flag, edit, and annotate them;
  • DEVONthink To Go comes with a new editor for RTF and HTML-based formatted notes and a new PDF engine with support for annotations;
  • the new sync technology uses less files and folders, less disk or server space, less bandwidth, less RAM and less CPU time;
  • the sync technology works with local sync stores, folders on any mountable drive, as well as services that mirror cloud data using a local folder, e.g. iCloud Drive or BitTorrent;
  • DEVONthink To Go 2.0 can sync with other iOS devices without relying on a Mac;
  • In DEVONthink To Go 2.0 you can create groups, group or convert documents, or even make new databases on the iOS device.

For all the details, check out the full blog post on the developer’s site. I’ll reserve judgment until I see the app, but this sounds really promising. Right now, I use the iOS app to store and review my documents, but don’t do much else with it. These changes (especially the ability to annotate PDF files) have the potential to make the iPad version a real powerhouse.