Google Reader alternativesAs you probably know, Google Reader says its final farewell on July 1. Earlier today, we finally received a news update from the developer of Reeder, the popular iOS app that many people used to follow their favorite RSS feeds. Reeder for iPhone already supports a few different services, but Reeder for Mac and iPad only supports Google Reader. Support for additonal services is supposedly on the way, but I decided I can’t wait any longer, and I’ve cobbled together a few apps to get RSS reader functionality on Mac, the iPad, and iPhone.

For those of you who are curious, here is a screenshot that the developer of Reeder tweeted today, showing the apps that Reeder for iPad will support at some time in the future:

Reeder iPad.png-large

Once that happens, I may switch back to Reeder, but for now I’ve moved on. It is important to note that my setup involves apps. I simply like the speed and elegance of native apps on Mac, iPad, and iPhone, as opposed to reviewing feeds in a web browser.


The Backend

The service that I’m using to power my feeds is Fever, which I’ve previously covered. You need to install Fever on your own web server, but then you control it. I have a cron job (a scheduled task on my web server) set to automatically update my feeds on a periodic basis, and I set all the apps mentioned here to retrieve new feeds from the server without triggering another server update. That speeds things up in the apps.




On the iPhone, I’m still using Reeder. Unlike the iPad and Mac versions of the app, the iPhone version of Reeder already supports Fever, as well as Feedbin and local RSS.

reeder for iphone



On the iPad, I’ve moved to Mr. Reader, which just added support for additional services. The app now supports Fever, Feedly, BazQux Reader, Feedbin, FeedHQ, and Feed Wrangler. Mr. Reader is iPad only, which is one of the reasons I still use Reeder on the iPhone.

mr reader ipad



On the Mac, I’m now using ReadKit, which is more than just an RSS reader. It supports Fever, NewsBlur, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard, and Delicious. It also has built-in RSS if you want a standalone solution. I’m using ReadKit with my Fever setup, and also set it up so that it pulls in my saved Instapaper items. I tried setting it up with my Pocket credentials, but the app kept throwing an error.



There you have my setup. What services and apps are you using?