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iPhone Lightning Cable Becoming Dislodged? Clean Your Phone

lintPlease remind me how people solved problems before the Internet was invented? Didn’t they all just throw their hands up in the air, and give up? That’s what I was about to do, when I couldn’t get any of my Lightning Cables to connect reliabily with my iPhone. Naturally, my first reaction was to start writing a post about the worrisome number of Apple products with which I’ve had trouble over the past two years. Then I remembered this thing called Google, and figured what better way to solve an issue with an Apple product than turning to Google.

A Google search led me to several forum posts and blog articles where users discussed a simple solution – clean out the opening to the Lightning connector on the bottom of your iPhone. The tools most commonly suggested where a toothpick or the reverse end of a needle. Having neither at my office, I used the end of a paperclip. I was a bit worried about using a metal object, but those fears ended up being unfounded. With the paperclip, I dug out enough lint to stuff a bed comforter. Well, a bit less than that, but the amount of lint that I recovered really was surprising. After that, the cables fit snugly.

So my iPhone is fine. That means I’m two for four with my most recent Apple purchases. I had to exchange my iPad and MacBook Pro for issues that were present right out of the box (a defective video camera, and a frequently non-responsive key on the keyboard), but my iPhone and MacBook Air (now belonging to my wife) have been flawless.

Lint photo by Thorsten Hartmann.