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Here’s How I’m Replacing Google Reader – For Now

Google Reader alternativesAs you probably know, Google Reader says its final farewell on July 1. Earlier today, we finally received a news update from the developer of Reeder, the popular iOS app that many people used to follow their favorite RSS feeds. Reeder for iPhone already supports a few different services, but Reeder for Mac and iPad only supports Google Reader. Support for additonal services is supposedly on the way, but I decided I can’t wait any longer, and I’ve cobbled together a few apps to get RSS reader functionality on Mac, the iPad, and iPhone.

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Top 5 Web Apps of 2009

top cloud web apps If you’re like us, you spend most of your computing time in the cloud, using online applications. And, if anything, the trend towards online apps is gaining momentum as time passes.  The days of desktop applications aren’t gone, but they sure are diminished as more and more web-based applications catch on. There are some apps that we use more than others, though.  As 2009 draws to a close, we take a look at the five web applications that we used the most this year.

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