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Let Us Know Your Favorite iOS Apps, With Applr

Are you like me – a bit of an iOS app addict? I’ve never found Apple’s App Store to be particularly helpful for discovering new apps. A recent tweet by Adam Christianson of the MacCast mentioned something called Applr, which I had never heard of. It turns out that Applr is a web app that helps you find new iOS apps, by following other people and seeing what they’re using. Other users can also follow you, to see your favorite apps.


I’ve only been using Applr for about a day now, but it’s worth checking out. When you sign up, you have to decide whether to give it your Apple ID credentials, so that it can keep your app list updated automatically. I decided against this, and instead have been going the manual route.

When you put your list of apps into the database, you can mark 20 of them as favorites (10 iPad and 10 iPhone), and recommend an unlimited number of them. You can also see what other users have input, and follow users. The site parses data, giving you info on the number of recommendations and favorites that an app has received.

If you want to follow me, I can be found on my page. Feel free to input your page link into the comments below, so others can check out what apps you use.