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Instead of relying on the conventional menu layout seen in most iOS apps, Angell Echo has taken a completely new approach to user interface design for the iPhone and iPad with the release of Stellar Cineplex. In its place, the team developed Panoramic Walk-Through 3D technology which allows users to navigate through a 3D virtual environment that mimics a real space.

Designed for one of the biggest movie theater companies in China, the new design does not take away from functionality, programming seven distinct sections to meet the movie-goers’ needs from the comfort of their own home: the Stellar shop, auditorium, foyer, box office, VIP lounge, news center and concession stand.

To keep content fresh, Stellar Cineplex came with content management system that took all imported images and scaled them to the 3D virtual space. The design even allowed Stellar International Cineplex, the company, to place promotional material in the app in the style of backlit ads that are so ubiquitous in theaters around the world.

This first version of this app is just the beginning with plans to expand the usability of this platform even more. Planned updates include allowing users to utilize augmented reality, participate in movie clubs and take part in promotional events. Users will also have more opportunities to make purchases in the app from their mobile phones.