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Know When It Will Rain, To the Minute, With Dark Sky [iOS]

Dark sky banner

There are many weather apps on the iOS platform. In the winter, I’m a weather geek, so I have several of them. One of the coolest ones out there is Dark Sky, which can tell you when it is going to rain, down to the minute.

Dark Sky shows off cool functionality (telling you when it’s going to rain!) with a pretty simple interface. I’ve only used the app on the iPad, so that’s where this screenshot comes from.

Dark Sky

Most of the screen is taken up with a map, while the bottom of the screen has a graph area and text area that shows you when to expect rain. You can also tap the map icon in the top left of the screen to go to another area of the control.

An app like this is only cool if it works. In my experience, the app is eerily accurate. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but the app has been reliable in predicting rain. I live in an area, though, where storms move in a fairly predictable way. Some of the complaints I’ve seen about the app are from people who live in areas where storms can pop up out of nowhere, so your mileage may vary.

Dark Sky [iTunes]