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As Apple products are becoming popular among people, the users have to put up with the Mac OS. So if you are a Mac PC user and video shooting fanatic, it’s essential to have compatible software for video editing tasks. Here I pick up the 5 best video editing software programs for Mac that you can try it out.


iMovie comes with every new Mac computer. It’s a powerful video editing application that will satisfy the needs of the vast majority of its users. For personal use, iMovie provides various themes, easy-to-use effects, built-in sounds and animations and a simplistic timeline view, so you can easily bring your moving images together into a creative production. When the editing is done, it also enables you to export your videos directly to iPhone, iPad, iPod as well as upload them to YouTube.


Wondershare Video Editor

Wondershare Video Editor is a powerful yet easy-to-use video editing program. It has both Windows and Mac versions. With it, you can easily cut, trim, split and join video, convert videos, etc. to personalize your videos. You can also add stylish video effects, scene transitions and background music to create professional-looking videos. It also provides different output methods: encode the video into specific file format or to most popular mobile phones or portable devices; directly share on Facebook and YouTube and burn to DVD.


Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements is a quality video editing tool for both Mac and Windows. It’s a scaled-down version of the professional-level Adobe Premiere Pro, and is designed for beginning users. It allows you to work with different video file formats and can handle unlimited video and audio tracks. There are also various useful tools as well as special effects you will need when editing and polishing your videos. Another great feature is that it supports many third-party plug-ins including Premiere Pro plug-ins, After Effects plug-ins, and VST effects.



Blender is a free video editing tool which is available under the GUN GPL license and has been created to support all the major operating systems. It has a lot of advanced features like modeling, rigging, texturing, UV unwrapping, skinning, animating, rendering, water and smoke simulations, particle and other simulations, non-linear editing, compositing, and real-time 3D/game creation. Thanks to its open-source nature, you can add extra functions to enhance/extend the software using custom Python scripts.



Hyperengine-AV is free video editing software which can be used on all Mac enabled devices. It enables users to create DVD quality movies and slideshows with its set of outstanding features. With this software loaded onto your Mac, you can even edit the text of the credits, karaoke lyrics as well as section titles with different options for font styles, colors, types, style, alignments, and scroll directions.