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Music is loved and adored in all parts of the world. Over the course of the previous decades, numerous mediums and methods have been used by people to listen to their favorite songs; however, listening to music was never as simple and convenient as it is today. Gone are the days when you had to search for your favorite songs and albums in music shops;  now you can find all the details and almost every single recorded song on the internet, thanks to websites like YouYube. If you do not have a fast internet connection, you may not enjoy listening to your favorite songs on YouTube. You definitely have to buffer first. I’d recommend to use 4K YouTube to MP3: free youtube to mp3 converter and listen to any song in MP3 format.


1. Napster

With more than six million tracks from a wide range of artists, Napster is one of the leading music downloading websites of the world, with a huge user-base. This website, however, is not free as it charges 79p per downloaded song. If you do not wish to pay per song, you may opt for £9.95, a one-time fee that allows you to download as many songs as you desire.


2. eMusic

eMusic is another very popular music download website, offering more than 4 million tracks in different languages. Over two thousand audio books are also a part of eMusic. It aims to gain the attention of conventional music lovers and charges £10.99 per month for up to 30 downloads.


3. iTunes

Although Apple’s download service has a lot of restrictions, iTunes remains one of the most popular and effective music downloading websites. With iPhone and iPad getting more and more popular in all parts of the world, iTunes is being used by a greater number of people. Music albums, available on iTunes, vary in price, while most songs can be downloaded for 79p per song.


4. 7 Digital

7 Digital is another awesome website that makes music downloading extremely convenient. It contains more than 4 million songs, and you can download music albums at a starting price of £5 or 50p per song. Once you download, you may keep that album or song in your device forever.



The tracks downloaded from this website can be played on any device, as they are DRM-free in MP3 format. While most songs on cost about 65p and albums £4.99 approximately, prices of songs and albums may vary from one to another. If you wish to download songs on your Mac or PC, you will not have to download any other software, which is one of the major reasons behind its popularity.


6. Epitonic

Epitonic is a wonderful music downloading website, as it allows you to download and listen to songs without any cost. You can also view artist’s profile and read reviews, allowing you to have a better online music experience. You may also create an individual playlist after logging onto the website. Epitonic is effortless to use and is not complicated like most MP3 music websites.


7. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is another amazing website, offering lots of free songs for downloading. It focuses more on the quality of songs rather than the quantity, as the songs available here have been selected by well-known audio curators. You have the luxury to search tracks by genre, curator, recently added highlights or most interesting highlights.


8. Spinner Mp3 of the Day

It is a project of AOL and runs on the MP3 of the day section, which is the reason why it is extremely popular among the American audience. You get the songs and music albums of some of the most popular singers of the globe. The sound quality is exceptional and makes music more appealing to ears.


9. Amazon

Amazon happens to be one of the most popular online shopping websites, but do not be surprised to know it also offers a huge range of free MP3 songs. However, in order to download songs, you must be a US citizen and should possess a US Amazon account; if you do not have it, try some other site.


10. allows upcoming singers and bands to showcase their potential. It is open for you to download music without any cost. This is one of the oldest music downloading websites, which is the reason why it possesses a huge music library.