We’ve previously covered how to quickly switch audio sources if you’re on Windows. The tool that we covered comes in handy, for example, if you want to switch your audio and mic input over to your headset to make a Skype call. But what if you’re on a Mac, and want to do the same? A free app, SoundSource, has you covered.

SoundSource can be installed to your menu bar, and from there it is a simple matter of clicking it, and selecting your input or output source from the menu that drops down. SoundSource also lets you adjust volume, and gives you a quick link to sound preferences and MIDI setup.

If you’re constrained for space on your menu bar, you can get much of the same functionality by holding down the option key and then clicking on the Sound icon on your menu bar. You won’t get the granular volume control offered by SoundSource, but you will be able to switch devices. Credit to TUAW for this native OS X tip.

If you find that you’re switching your audio source on a Mac with any regularity, check out SoundSource. The link at the end of this article takes you to the free apps by Rogue Amoeba, the developer. SoundSource is at the bottom of the page.

SoundSource [Rouge Amoeba]