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Who Are You, Anyway? A Look At 40Tech Reader Demographics

40tech visitors

We know that we all like tech, or at least that we recognize the necessity of it.  But beyond that, how much do we have in common?  If you wonder how you match up with the “typical” 40Tech reader, here are some stats for you to chew on.  These numbers are for the last 30 days, and are gathered from Google Analytics.


48% of you are from the U.S.A.  The next closest is the U.K., whose residents make up 7.2% of the visitors here, followed by Canada, at 6.3%.  Australia has 3.2%.  Only the Netherlands, Germany, and Spain exceed 2%.  Of our U.S. visitors, 8.64% of you are from California, 4.02% are from New York, and 3.66% are from Texas.

The Browser Wars

Chrome has almost caught up to Firefox as the browser of choice among 40Tech readers, but isn’t quite there.  Firefox accounts for 33.09% of the visits, with Chrome registering 29.96%.  Safari is a distant third at 18.02%, with Internet Explorer at 14.81% and Opera at 1.8%.

Operating Systems

64.77% of you use Windows, while 20.21% of you use Macs.  The other operating systems that had numbers worth noting were iPhone (4.2%), iPad (3.92%), Linux (3.58%), Android (2.13%), and iPod (0.52%).  (Don’t tell Google that iPhone, iPad, and iPod aren’t actually the names of operating systems).  All totaled, mobile devices make up 10.93% of the visits to the site.

Screen resolutions

You folks sure do use a wide variety of screen resolutions, including 1280×800 (16.41%), 1680×1050 (11.17%), 1440×900 (10.98%), and 1280×1024 (10.26).  Several other resolutions rounded out the rest of the stats.

Odds and Ends

About 48% of you are using a version (or older) of Flash player that was outdated back in September, and has security vulnerabilities.  Check your version, and update if you don’t have the current version.

Most of you use are on a high speed connection, although 12.28% of you are using dial up.  To you, we apologize.  We don’t test 40Tech on slow connections, so hopefully the site speeds are tolerable.

How do you fit in with the rest of the crew?  (And did we miss any exciting stats that interest you?  Perhaps screen colors excite you?  We’ve got stats on that, too.).