How to Quickly Select Your Audio Input and Output Devices [Mac]

Choose mac audio input and output

Prior to Mountain Lion, if I wanted to switch my audio input or output from my speakers to a headset microphone, I used a free app called SoundSource. Unfortunately, SoundSource isn’t compatible with Mountain Lion. Fortunately, there’s an equally easy way to select your audio sources on a Mac, going back at least as far as Snow Leopard.

To select your audio input and output sources, you need to use the Mac’s almighty Option key. Hold down the Option key, and click the volume icon in your menu bar. You’ll be presented with a dropdown menu, where you can select your audio source. I think I might like this better than SoundSource, because it is one less item cluttering my menu bar.

Evan Kline

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  1. Actually Evan, if you have a device plugged in and do what you just said to do the only option seems to be the new device. At least with me and my Logitech headphones/mic device it NOW only sees the headphones/mic device.

  2. Hi Evan, SoundSorce works perfect in my tow Macs with Lion and Mountain Lion.

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