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Scrivener Beta Expands

Scrivener is a fantastic writing tool. If you’re a lawyer, it’s even great for writing briefs. Scrievener currently lacks an iOS app, but that should change soon. In April, Scrivener for iOS entered closed beta. Now, it sounds like the release is getting even closer.

Scrivener for iOS has been in closed beta with around 75 people for the past month. We’re now looking to expand the beta group, so are throwing open the doors to volunteers. If you’re interested in helping test Scrivener for iOS, read on!
We only have a limited number of beta testing spots available, and right now we’re looking to add between 200 and 250 new people to the pool.
The beta so far has been going great, with beta testers using Scrivener for iOS every day without any real problems.

I can’t wait to see this, but I’m not going to apply for the beta test – they need people to truly contribute to find bugs, etc., and I’d worry I’d just want an early peek at the app.

Guinea Pigs Wanted! – The Cellar Door

Restore OS X Photos’ Lost Functionality With Automator

I’ve been an Aperture user for a couple of years now, and have debating what the future will hold for my workflow, in light of the sunsetting of Aperture in favor of OS X’s new Photos app. I’ve played with Photos a bit, and like much about the app. There are some features I need, though, that are currently missing in Photos. One of those features is the ability to export photos with custom sizes. It looks like there may be a pretty easy workaround to that problem.

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Keynote From an iPad to a Mac

Control keynote on mac from ipad

I just finished a several hour mediation (I’m a lawyer by day), during which I used Keynote as a presentation tool. The mediation happened in another lawyer’s office, so I had to take any technology with me that I planned to use. This was my first time to take presentation technology into a completely new environment, and I was very pleased with how things went.

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Evernote Web Clipping on iOS Made Easy [iOS]

EverWebClipperAt this risk of sounding like a snob, I can say that user reviews of certain iOS apps seem to miss the mark at times, because of uninformed users. This often seems to occur with subscription-based apps, such as LastPass, where users don’t realize that a subscription is required to get the full features of the app. Other times, this happens when users don’t seem to understand the limitations of iOS, and the workarounds that these limitations require of developers. One example of this is EverWebClipper, an app that makes clipping web pages into Evernote much easier on iOS devices, but somehow has received many low reviews.

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There’s An App for That – Get Charged Money When You Miss a Workout [iOS]


Now I’ve seen everything. Would you have more incentive to go to the gym if you knew that a missed workout was going to hit you where it counts – in the wallet? If so, check out the New York Times’ coverage of GymPact, an iPhone app that can provide this type of monetary incentive to working out.

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Are You Like Most People, and Stop Using Most Apps Soon After Installing Them?

Android ios app retention rate

Flurry posted the results of a recent study of app usage, taking a look not only at how Android stacks up against iOS, but also at app retention rate – the percentage of users that continue to use an app in the 12 months after acquiring it. The results are somewhat stunning, showing that the retention rate in the first month after acquisition is only 38%. That number then drops steadily, reaching 4% after 12 months. Do you find yourself discarding apps at such a fast rate?

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App of the Week: DoggCatcher Podcast Player [Android]


One of the much-ballyhooed strengths of Android is its openness and how much choice it gives users. Those strengths are illustrated well if you want to pick a podcast client for Android. The iOS landscape may have changed in the last few months since I switched to Android, but I always found the iOS podcast experience to be lacking. Not so on Android, if you use DoggCatcher, an excellent podcast client.

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App of the Week: Hitpad [iPad]

40Tech App of the Week | Hitpad for iPad

Our new App of the Week series covers apps that we find intriguing or exceptional, be they for iOS, Android, WM7, Blackberry, or the web. We’d also love some suggestions from you!

If you like at-a-glance trending topics and daily news info, and you like it from multiple sources and in myriad forms, you will really enjoy Hitpad. Hitpad for the iPad is a slick way to get all the latest from multiple search engines, Twitter, and more; and without feeling like you’ve been hit between the eyes with a mallet. A lot of thought went into the user interface, and the resulting app is definitely one of the more beautiful ways iPad users can consume information.

Hitpad also allows you to search for a single topic, delivering results from all across the web, which is handy if you are doing some quick research. For example, I did a search for Springpad vs Evernote, and as you can see in the images below, I received news, video, and image results from Google, and recent tweets from Twitter (yes, the most recent result happened to be me tweeting out a post by one of our readers, Daniel Gold, from his own blog). There is also a column for web page results, which comes from Bing. I found that odd, considering that most everything else was from Google — but it was nice to see that our own post on Springpad and Evernote was in the top spot with Microsoft, too.

Hitpad | Trending News at a Glance on the iPad


Hitpad for iPad

Hitpad feels like it might need a bit more in the feature department, especially if you are used to getting your information from an RSS reader. It does do what it is supposed to do, though, and it does it with flair and style, even if the thumbnails it clips of web pages sometimes load a bit slowly. Still, Hitpad would benefit from the addition of things like saved searches, the ability to choose news or search engine sources, and being able to choose multiple topics to search on. If you have an iPad, try it out! It’s free, and you can get it here.

Let us know what you think of Hitpad in the comments!

Track Your Tax Refund On Your iOS or Android Device With IRS2Go

tax tracking app for iOS and Android

If you’re getting a tax refund this year in the U.S., and want to track the status of the refund, you can do so on your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device with an official IRS app, IRS2Go. The app is available as a free download in the iTunes App Store, and in the Android Market. Read more

How to Get a Refund From the iOS or Mac App Stores

iOS and Mac App Store refunds.jpg

Android users can get an automatic refund for a purchased app, by deleting the app from their devices within 15 minutes of purchasing it. This is a far cry from the 24 hour window that was provided to Android users until recently, but easier than the process in Apple’s iOS store. Shoppers in the iOS store can get refunds, too, albeit through a bit of a convoluted process. Read more

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