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There’s An App for That – Get Charged Money When You Miss a Workout [iOS]


Now I’ve seen everything. Would you have more incentive to go to the gym if you knew that a missed workout was going to hit you where it counts – in the wallet? If so, check out the New York Times’ coverage of GymPact, an iPhone app that can provide this type of monetary incentive to working out.

GymPact, also coming for Android at some point, allows you to set a target number of workouts per week, and the penalty you’re willing to pay for missing your target. If you miss your target, your credit card will be charged the monetary amount. If you do hit your target, however, then you are rewarded monetarily, using the money collected from the slackers who didn’t hit their targets. How much you earn depends on the number of people who didn’t hit their targets.

The app uses your phone’s GPS, allowing you to check in when you get to a gym, and checking you out if you leave prior to the amount of time that you agreed to in your pact. GymPact does have a minimum requirement of at least one workout a week for 30 minutes, with a minimum penalty of $5 for every missed visit. You can change your pact at any time as long as you’re above the minimum.

Would an app like GymPact help you to work out regularly?

GymPact [via The New York Times]