I’ve been an Aperture user for a couple of years now, and have debating what the future will hold for my workflow, in light of the sunsetting of Aperture in favor of OS X’s new Photos app. I’ve played with Photos a bit, and like much about the app. There are some features I need, though, that are currently missing in Photos. One of those features is the ability to export photos with custom sizes. It looks like there may be a pretty easy workaround to that problem.

Mac OS X Automation has posted a guide to using Automator, OS X’s built-in automation assistant, to add some functionality to the Photos app. One of the features in the guide is the ability to set certain parameters of your photos, such as size or naming convention, and then export the photos. The site offers a few other Automator workflows for Photos as well, including some import actions, and some mapping actions. It looks like I’ll need to set aside some time this weekend to try this out.

Photos and Automator | OS X Automation