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Evernote Web Clipping on iOS Made Easy [iOS]

EverWebClipperAt this risk of sounding like a snob, I can say that user reviews of certain iOS apps seem to miss the mark at times, because of uninformed users. This often seems to occur with subscription-based apps, such as LastPass, where users don’t realize that a subscription is required to get the full features of the app. Other times, this happens when users don’t seem to understand the limitations of iOS, and the workarounds that these limitations require of developers. One example of this is EverWebClipper, an app that makes clipping web pages into Evernote much easier on iOS devices, but somehow has received many low reviews.

Safari on iOS can’t handle extensions, so EverWebClipper takes a little bit of effort to set up. It certainly isn’t rocket science, though. You have to cut and paste some code into a Safari bookmark. One you do that, you tap that bookmark ever time you want to clip a page into Evernote, and EverWebClipper will load, and clip the page into Evernote. I found this particularly useful on my iPhone, where the default Evernote clipper is too big for the screen.

I tweaked the app’s default settings, to turn off automatic clipping. Now, when I use the bookmark, I’m taken into EverWebClipper and choose my tags and notebook. I can see myself using this one all the time.

EverWebClipper screenshot

There is both an iPad and iPhone version of the app. I bought each separetely, so I haven’t seen whether the iPhone version would work on the iPad. The iPhone version is currently $2.99, and the iPad version (EverWebClipper HD) is $3.99. There’s also an Android version, but after my recent conversion back to the iPhone, I haven’t tried that one.