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Console vs. PC: How Do You Roll With Your Games? [Reader Feedback]

Pc vs console

Perhaps it doesn’t rise to the level of the PC vs. Mac religious war, but PC gamers and console gamers often express strong opinions about their platform of choice. While one platform isn’t inherently better than the other, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Which do you prefer, and why?

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Where Is the Strangest Place That You’ve Used Your Smartphone?

Smartphones in the bathroom

I recently stumbled upon mention of a study done several months back indicating, among other more important facts, that 39% of smartphone users have used their phones while going to the bathroom. I’ll admit to having done that, which I’m sure many of you would, too. But it got me thinking about a much more important question. Namely, where is the strangest place that you’ve used your smartphone? Or what is the strangest way that you’ve used your smartphone?

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What App or Tech Toy That You Once Loved Has Lost Its Luster? [Reader Feedback]

Broken heart

Over on TaskMac, a Mac productivity blog that is a side project of mine, I talked about how my use of Instapaper has declined drastically. That was through no fault of Instapaper. Instead, I found that I was just using Instapaper as a dumping ground, and rarely got around to reading what I sent there. As a result, I almost completely stopped using it. If there is an item that I really do want to read later, now I just email it to myself. That got me to thinking of some of the other tech toys, services, or apps that I once loved, that have fallen out of favor in my world.

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What Was Your First Computer? [Reader Feedback]

apple IIe

Over on Google+, Kevin Rose recently asked his users a simple question: what was your first computer? Since the 40Tech demographics might skew a bit older than the San Francisco startup scene, that got me wondering how the 40Tech community would answer that same question. So I’ll ask it – what was your first computer?

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[Reader Survey] How Much Disk Space Does Your Computer Have, And How Much Have You Used?

disk space survey

Disk space is abundant and cheap. These days, you can get a 2 TB hard drive for under $100 from Newegg. I remember one of my first work computers, about 10 years ago, that came with a whopping 2 GB of storage. Those days are long gone. With the move to solid state drives, though, storage space is getting smaller, at least on a single solid state drive. My MacBook Air has a 128 GB drive, which would have felt humongous even a few years ago, but now feels small compared to my Windows 7 machine.

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