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Where Is the Strangest Place That You’ve Used Your Smartphone?

Smartphones in the bathroom

I recently stumbled upon mention of a study done several months back indicating, among other more important facts, that 39% of smartphone users have used their phones while going to the bathroom. I’ll admit to having done that, which I’m sure many of you would, too. But it got me thinking about a much more important question. Namely, where is the strangest place that you’ve used your smartphone? Or what is the strangest way that you’ve used your smartphone?

I’m probably pretty boring. Aside from sneaking a peak during church, or pulling my phone out with freezing fingers on the ski slope, I can’t think of any truly odd places I’ve used my phone. And aside from using my phone as a flashlight, which many people do, I’m coming up empty as I try to think about odd ways in which I’ve used my phone. Does putting my fart app on a timer and hiding it under someone’s cushion count?

So, go ahead and entertain us. Can you come up with anything more exciting than my examples? Where or how have you used your phone that is a bit off the beaten path?