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Do You Run Anti-Malware Software On Your Computer? [Reader Feedback]


The past year has seen the shattering of the myth that Macs are impervious to malware. Despite this, I don’t run resident anti-malware software on either of my Macs, opting instead for a program that scans for viruses on demand. Am I tempting fate?

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How Many Domain Names Do You Own? [Reader Feedback]

World wide web

You’re a pretty technical bunch. From some of the comments here, and also through getting to know some of you, it ‘s clear that many of you fall on the high end of the tech know-how spectrum. Years ago, only the most technical owned a domain name. Now, it’s a pretty common occurrence. How many domain names do you own, and what do you consider your level of technical expertise to be?

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How Many Unread Messages Are in Your Inbox?

Inbox unread items

Last week I wrote about four steps that have helped me keep my email inbox under control. I mentioned my wife’s interesting inbox, where she has over 7000 unread messages in her main email account. I wonder if that is some sort of record. Whether it is or it isn’t, I’m curious how many unread messages you have in your inbox. Let us know in the comments.

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How Many Items Do You Have on Your Computer Desktop? [Reader Feedback]

Evan clean desktop

I’ll admit it. Until recently, I was a desktop slob. Despite my best intentions, the desktops on my computers were all jammed full, mostly with junk. If a program placed an icon there during installation, I never bothered to remove it. I typically would use my desktop as the destination for downloads, too. This resulted in an even bigger mess.

Recently, though, I’ve changed. I’m not sure what triggered it, but I’ve been on a tidy desktop kick lately. The desktops on both my work and personal computers are now pristine. Are my a freak now, or was I an oddball when my desktop was a mess? This trivial issue has me curious. How messy is your desktop?

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What’s Your Favorite App – Ever? [Reader Feedback]

Favorite app ever

In a recent TWiT podcast, one of the hosts mentioned WordPerfect 5.1 as an all-time great piece of software. That got my mind racing, trying to think of some great apps that I’ve used over the years. While those of us in the 40+ age bracket might have a longer timeline of app usage to draw from, we probably all have our favorite apps. What are yours?

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