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How Many Items Do You Have on Your Computer Desktop? [Reader Feedback]

Evan clean desktop

I’ll admit it. Until recently, I was a desktop slob. Despite my best intentions, the desktops on my computers were all jammed full, mostly with junk. If a program placed an icon there during installation, I never bothered to remove it. I typically would use my desktop as the destination for downloads, too. This resulted in an even bigger mess.

Recently, though, I’ve changed. I’m not sure what triggered it, but I’ve been on a tidy desktop kick lately. The desktops on both my work and personal computers are now pristine. Are my a freak now, or was I an oddball when my desktop was a mess? This trivial issue has me curious. How messy is your desktop?

On my iMac’s desktop, I now have three items. I have a “Clean up” folder, the channel changer widget for my eyeTV, and the slide-in drawer for DevonThink. The “Clean up” folder is a folder that older items on the desktop automatically get dumped into, via Hazel. Lately, though, I don’t even wait for the Hazel cleanup rule to kick in. If I see an item on my desktop, I deal with it.

Yes, I went from about 50 items on my desktop, to three. How many items are on your desktop? Do you think keeping a neat desktop really even matters?