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How Many Domain Names Do You Own? [Reader Feedback]

World wide web

You’re a pretty technical bunch. From some of the comments here, and also through getting to know some of you, it ‘s clear that many of you fall on the high end of the tech know-how spectrum. Years ago, only the most technical owned a domain name. Now, it’s a pretty common occurrence. How many domain names do you own, and what do you consider your level of technical expertise to be?

I checked my registrar’s dashboard, and was surprised to see that I own 20 domain names. 11 of those are in use, to one degree or another, while the remainder are either dormant, or forward to one of the other domains. For example, forwards to Even among those in use, some are barely in use. I have one site that I use as a testing ground for 40Tech, another that was created for my wedding several years ago, and a couple for a gaming group that is no longer active. I also have my PlayerMatching site, which is a video game player scheduling and matching service that is functional, but still needs some polish and quite a bit of word of mouth.

So, let us know the answers to the following questions in the comments:

1. How many domain names do you own?

2. How many are active?

3. What is your level of technical expertise?

Photo from CLUC.