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What App or Tech Toy That You Once Loved Has Lost Its Luster? [Reader Feedback]

Broken heart

Over on TaskMac, a Mac productivity blog that is a side project of mine, I talked about how my use of Instapaper has declined drastically. That was through no fault of Instapaper. Instead, I found that I was just using Instapaper as a dumping ground, and rarely got around to reading what I sent there. As a result, I almost completely stopped using it. If there is an item that I really do want to read later, now I just email it to myself. That got me to thinking of some of the other tech toys, services, or apps that I once loved, that have fallen out of favor in my world.

The first service that comes to mind for me is Google Wave. I was excited about Wave when Google released it, but thereafter my interest declined, and then I stopped using it completely when Google announced its (sort of) death. On the hardware front, my wife could tell you about all the gadgets that litter our house, that I rarely or never use. The Xbox 360 falls into that category. I do go through periods of time where I play a bit, but I can go months (or in one case, almost two years) without touching it. I prefer the PC for gaming. The Wii falls into that camp as well, and probably even more so. I haven’t turned it on in ages.

How about you? Can you think of a gadget, app, service, or other tech item that you once loved, but now rarely or never use? Let us know in the comments.