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What Was Your First Computer? [Reader Feedback]

apple IIe

Over on Google+, Kevin Rose recently asked his users a simple question: what was your first computer? Since the 40Tech demographics might skew a bit older than the San Francisco startup scene, that got me wondering how the 40Tech community would answer that same question. So I’ll ask it – what was your first computer?

Photo from Howard Dickins.

For me, it depends on how you define “first computer.” Does the family computer purchased by my parents for the family count? I’ll argue that it does, since the only reason they bought it was because I nagged for it, and pushed for a “family computer fund” that we put money into each week. I also was about the only member of the family who used it.

So, if that counts, my first computer was an Apple IIe. If I had to guess, we got that around 1984 or so. If that doesn’t count, the first computer that I bought with my own money was a Compaq Presario in 1998 or 1999. Prior to that, I did have a few computers I used at home, but they were work computers.

How about you? What was your first computer?