Nick Statt, writing for The Verge:

Now, when you uncheck the settings box reading “Show the best tweets first,” Twitter will completely revert your timeline to a non-algorithmic, reverse-chronological order, which is how Twitter was originally designed and operated for years until the company introduced a default algorithmic model in early 2016.

The official Twitter app still falls short of Tweetbot, but this is a step in the right direction. Now I’d like to see Twitter get more granular with its mute options. As best I can tell, you can’t set a mute filter to hide someone from your main timeline, while still following the account in a list. In Tweetbot, for example, I have a “Weather” list. Various Weather-related accounts show up only in that list, but are muted in my main timeline. If someone knows of a way to do this in the official app (short of using a list as the main timeline), please let me know.