Ken Case writing for the Omni Blog:

For all our customers in that situation, I have good news to share: we’re building OmniFocus for the Web. It will be greatly simplified from the OmniFocus you know: it won’t have custom perspectives or notifications or maps. It won’t have Review. It won’t let you set up new repeating tasks (though it will correctly handle repeating tasks that are already set up). Its capabilities will be a lot more like what we shipped in our very first iPhone app: you’ll be able to see the lists of tasks in your Inbox, Projects, and Tags, with their associated notes and due dates. You’ll be able to edit basic information about those tasks (checking them off, assigning a due date, changing a title or note) and of course you’ll be able to add new tasks.

This blog post by the head of the Omni Group is filled to the brim with information on what the company plans for 2018, including a new version of OmniOutliner for iOS, and a new version of OmniFocus. The introduction (finally) of tags would have been big news on its own, but the announcement of OmniFocus for the Web might be even bigger if you need to use Windows.