If you’re trying to get coworkers up to speed on Mac or iOS, Apple has recently released two books to help: Employee Starter Guide for Mac and Employee Starter Guide for iOS. I’ve just started going through them, but they seem to start at the ground level, and build from there.

Employee Starter Guide for Mac

Both books are broken into four sections: Learning the Basics, Next Steps in Working with Mac/iOS, Extending Productivity Further, and Support for Mac/iOS. Each section is broken into subsections that go into detail about using a Mac/iOS device for different aspects of work, such as for collaboration.

Employee Starter Guide for iOS

Employee Starter Guide for Mac sample subsections

The books include recommendations for third party apps where appropriate. For example, the iOS book recommends PDF Expert and three other apps in the “Annotating PDFs and Forms” section.

Tech geeks are accustomed to finding answers and help online, but these books might be helpful to “normal” users who are just getting started with Mac or iOS. If you are looking for reference materials for your employees, or even for yourself, check these out.

Hat tip to Dave Marra, who mentioned this on Twitter.