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Overwhelmed With Your TextExpander Snippets? Set a Quick Search Shortcut

Right now, I’m up to 128 snippets in TextExpander. There are several that I have committed to memory, but even more that I hardly ever use. This is because I can’t remember the shortcuts to launch them, so it is just as quick for me to type normally as it is for me to open TextExpander and find a particular shortcut. I recently learned of a quicker solution, however.

If you subscribe to the TextExpander newsletter, you’ve already seen this one. It involves setting a hotkey in order to trigger a search feature. You do this by opening TextExpander and going to the Preferences pane. Once there, look for “Suggest Matching Abbreviation.” Click the button, and set your hotkey.


Once you’ve set your hotkey, start typing a few characters of either your snippet or abbreviation, and then hit your hotkey. A popup menu appears listing all of the snippets that contain the characters you typed. You can either scroll through them and click one, or hit Command + the number of the snippet.

TextExpander Search

One word of caution – I couldn’t get this to work at first. I suspect that the shortcut I had selected was already in use by another app or the operating system. I switched to another shortcut (Command + Control + Option + [minus symbol), and then things worked fine.

If you have any other TextExpander tips, let me know in the comments.