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AppCleaner – App of the Week [Mac]

Appcleaner full

If you come from the Windows world, uninstalling apps on a Mac might seem a bit odd to you. Unlike in Windows, where you go through a whole uninstall process, on a Mac there are no such hoops to jump through. To uninstall a Mac app, you simply highlight it in your application folder, and trash it. The problem, though, is that many Mac apps leave behind preference files and other breadcrumbs, even after you delete them. To remove all traces of an app from your Mac, delete it using AppCleaner.

The simplest way to use AppCleaner is to drag an app from your application folder onto AppCleaner’s main window. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be presented with a list of additional files related to the app, and given the option to delete them. If you’d prefer to work solely from within the app, you can do so. The app lists the applications, widgets, and other types of programs on your machine. Chose the program you want to delete from its respective list, click the Search button, and then you can choose to delete the files. Pretty simple stuff.

How do you delete files on your Mac?