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Plume: My Android Twitter App of Choice [App of the Week]


I have a confession to make. If I follow you on Twitter, there’s a good chance that I don’t see any of your tweets. Twitter got so busy for me, that the only way that I could manage it, was to sort people into lists. I have several lists, but I have one super-special list for the tweets of users that I don’t want to miss. When I’m busy, that’s the only part of Twitter that I ever see. When I try out Twitter apps, therefore, list support is the first thing I check out. That’s why I use Plume . . . but I’m open to suggestions for an app that handles lists even better. If you know of one, let us know in the comments.

I’ve tried several Android Twitter clients, hoping to find one that would load my main list on startup, by default. I struck out. My fallback was to find an Android Twitter client that would allow me to get to my main list quickly and easily. Plume fit the bill. I tap the “+” symbol while it is loading my stream, then tap “Lists” and the name of my list. Perhaps another Twitter client requires fewer taps, but Plume felt the fastest as far as getting to my list.

Plume twitter client for android screenshot 2 Plume screenshot

Plume has other features as well. My favorite is the ability to assign colors to different users. This makes tweets from those users really stand out in your stream. Like other Android Twitter apps, Plume also integrates with the system, allowing you to use the share menu in other apps to send content into Plume. Other basic functionality includes the display of @mentions and direct messages, and the support of favorites, hashtags, trends, search, and muting of users. Plume also comes with widgets, if you want to display your stream on your home screen. Plume is also highly customizable, letting you change the font, hide or show avatars, change the sort order, and more.

Right now, Plume is my Twitter app of choice. It’s free on the Android Market, although there is a paid version which removes ads. If someone knows of an alternative that allows for the display of a list as the default view, though, I’d consider switching. What’s your favorite Twitter client?

Plume [Android Market]