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Restore Abandoned Windows Features With Classic Shell


Do you miss the “up” button in Windows Explorer, now that you’ve moved on to Vista or Windows 7? Or maybe you just appreciate the look and feel of the Windows XP start menu? If you want to bring back a long-lost Windows feature, chances are that you can restore it with Classic Shell.

Classic Shell restores features that were present in older versions of Windows, but are missing from Vista and Windows 7. The two main components of Classic Shell are Classic Explorer and Classic Start Menu.

Classic Start Menu has a long list of features. For example, after installing it, you can drag and drop to organize your applications, display recently used documents, and right-click an item in the menu to delete, rename, sort, or perform other actions. You can select from several skins, download ore from the Internet, or, if you’re handy, make your own.

The Classic Explorer adds a toolbar to Explorer. This toolbar adds several operations, such as Go to parent folder, Cut, Copy, Paste, Properties, and Email. Classic Explorer also replaces Vista and Windows 7’s copy UI with a version similar to XP’s version. You also can restore the “Up” button to the toolbar.

For a full list of features of Classic Shell, check out the Classic Shell site. Classic Shell is free and open-source software.

Are there any classic Windows features that you miss in Vista or Windows 7?

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